Useful Resources for supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing

The NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Mental Health Improvement Team have collated a suite of resources to support schools staff and those working with children & young people. In addition we have gathered together a range of e-learning resources that are freely available to support CPD needs in the area of mental health and wellbeing using a life course approach and including Covid-19 resources. The range of resources includes;

Ø A ‘Resources in Schools’ document to support staff returning to schools. This gives a range of resources and toolkits that staff may find useful. These are not prescriptive or exhaustive; rather they are just a snapshot of resources that may support learning outcomes re Health and Wellbeing curriculum. Please note these resources may also support youth work and other staff who support children and young people.

Ø A ‘Whole school approach to self-harm awareness and training; A Knowledge and Skills Framework’ document to guide a settings based approach. This document refers to self-harm when used as a coping strategy, a response to distress where the individual has no intention to take their own life.

Ø An addendum for the Positive Mental Attitudes curriculum pack that provides updated stats and suggested activities to bring the pack up to date. The original pack was designed to be flexible whilst encouraging staff delivering it to incorporate new ideas.  Staff can use the addendum document alongside the original pack – see here: NHSGGC : Positive Mental Attitudes Curriculum Pack The pack has also been mapped to experiences and outcomes within ‘Curriculum for Excellence’.

Ø An e-learning document that gives suggested online mental health training opportunities that staff can access freely as part of any CPD needs. This document covers the life course from perinatal and Infant mental health to child and youth and adult. It also includes a section related to Covid-19.

It may also be of interest that their website has a range of other resources in response to COVID-19 that can be freely accessed – these can be found here: NHSGGC : Mental Health Resources in response to COVID-19

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