What is our role?

At GCVS, we believe in creating meaningful engagement opportunities that influence and inform policy while connecting people and organisations.

A group shot of some of the Policy and Engagement team at GCVS

The Policy and Engagement Team supports third sector organisations to understand and influence current and emerging policy developments in a number of areas.

These include: Children & Family Services; Health & Social Care; Child Poverty; Justice; Employability; Fair Work; Commissioning & Procurement and Community Wealth Building. 

Through our work, we strive to bridge the gap between policy and practice by fostering collaboration between the third sector, policymakers, funders, and broader stakeholders. This means facilitating engagement, gathering evidence of the challenges faced and nurturing opportunities to share knowledge.

Who are we supporting, and how?

We’re proud to advocate for Glasgow’s thriving and diverse third sector. GCVS has well-established links with our statutory partners in Glasgow, including, Glasgow City Council, Health and Social Care Partnership, Local Employability Partnership, Community Justice and broader Community Planning structures. Through these relationships and our policy and engagement work, we aim to strengthen the sector’s representation and profile, recognising and valuing its contribution and improving support for Glasgow’s citizens and communities.

We can help bolster and participate in creating a more socially just, fair, and prosperous society through our engagement with third sector organisations, partners, and the networks we facilitate. Only by understanding the issues that the third sector experience, can we develop evidence-informed policy positions. We then use a variety of policy channels to influence change locally, regionally and nationally.

We break it down into five key areas

5 part circle diagram illustrates the key policy and engagement areas represented using with bright GCVS colours
  • Policy and Representation
  • Funding and Commissioning
  • Research and Data
  • Networks, Events and Communications
  • Community Engagement and Design

There are lots of ways to get involved…

We want to help connect like-minded organisations and those who work and volunteer with them. That includes facilitating and supporting a wide range of third sector networks that share knowledge, build partnerships, and collaborate on key policy and service delivery issues. Many of these networks are open to new members, so please visit this page for more information.


Working across many policy agendas and a mix of shorter-term projects, we aim to drive meaningful change for Glasgow’s third sector. Here are just a few current projects you may find of interest:

Here are just a few current projects you may find of interest:

Photography shows the GCVS Policy and engagement team working together in a large meeting room
Pathfinder and No Wrong Door

GCVS is working with Glasgow City Council to change how people living in poverty in Glasgow get help and support. The Scottish Government is supporting a multi-agency Pathfinder which aims to transform how we work together across the voluntary and public sectors to eradicate poverty in the city.

Part of this is to develop a No Wrong Door approach in the city, where citizens enter ‘the system’ at any level. Voluntary sector organisations from across Glasgow are signed up to work together to make this happen. If you are a voluntary sector organisation working in the city and would like to be part of the partnership developing this new approach, visit this page, or please contact kathleen.caskie@gcvs.org.uk.

Glasgow Helps

Glasgow Helps is a partnership of the city’s public and voluntary sectors, created to make it easier to find what you need when you need it. The project works with citizens to agree upon a plan of support to address their immediate and long-term needs.

A vital part of the Glasgow Helps approach is a web directory that aims to help citizens, and those who support them find services more efficiently. When visiting the website, you’ll find everything from social clubs and activities listed to mental health support and financial advice. Visit glasgowhelps.org

All Age Childcare Co-Design Project

We have partnered with Glasgow City Council to oversee a one-year co-design project, which supports third sector organisations to deliver focused co-design sessions in three ‘Early Adopter Communities’.

This will be a targeted, community-based approach to identify and inform what services priority families need to thrive all year round, including school holidays. The overall aim is toward a future all age childcare system that incorporates childcare, activities and food provision.

For more information, please contact policy.engagement@gcvs.org.uk.

City Centre Youth Outreach Project

More information to follow

Glasgow Wellbeing Fund

The Glasgow Wellbeing Fund provides small grants of up to £10,000 for projects that improve mental wellbeing in the city. It is resourced by Scottish Government and part of the national Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund. It aims to support small to medium sized community groups, voluntary organisations and social enterprises to deliver adult mental wellbeing projects across the city’s diverse communities.

The GCVS team have GCVS facilitated the local implementation of the fund in Glasgow since 2021. Read about this project here and find recent case studies of the latest round of projects supported here.

Third Sector Networks.

Latest News.

More News

Featured Updates.

“It’s really powerful when people get together who really care about something and can make it work”

In a short film by Suicide Prevention Scotland, Partnership Managers, Tracey Jenkins and Sheena Arthur, highlight the importance of people & services coming together to provide Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention support across the city. Watch on X

Partnership Manager Pauline Gordon was delighted to join the Economy & Fair Work Committee at the Scottish Parliament to discuss the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act. Watch on X

Find more recent videos from the team and our partners on YouTube

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