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Unpaid Carers Week 2024– Putting Carers on the map

Hilda Campbell of COPE Scotland shares reflections and Tips for Carers

We often reflect on how the health and social care system is under demand and the challenges this causes people accessing support. During Carers week it is a time to reflect on the contribution unpaid Carers make to the health and wellbeing of Scotland people.

Many people do not even identify themselves as unpaid Carers. They see it as being a good neighbour, a loving spouse or partner, or sibling, or relative so don’t realise there is support available. For those who have sought support for their unpaid caring role they can often find the needs of the person who needs care and the support available doesn’t always balance out, and they find they need to do more to help, but with their own health challenges, family, work, other demands on their life find this increasingly difficult.

The theme of Carers Week 2024 is ‘Putting Carers on the Map’

‘’Carers Week, takes place from 10–16 June 2024 and is a UK-wide awareness campaign seeking to increase visibility for carers with decision makers, services, employers, communities, and businesses.’’

This week offers an opportunity to reflect on what else we can do as individuals, communities, employers, businesses, and organisations to recognise and support Carers. Therefore, they can continue to be there for those they care for, but also know, people care about them too and that their wellbeing also matters.

COPE Scotland’s small contribution are these Carers Tips Sheets 2024 below. They offer some ideas to support wellbeing as well as some useful contacts in Glasgow for people who are caring for someone to see what other support is available. Thanks to the Glasgow Wellbeing Fund for its support to produce this, we also had 500 hard copies made which are being shared around partners to share with people they know.

If we all do a little it can add up to a lot.

Let people know who are there for others often 24/7 365 with no holidays, days off, breaks, that we see you and collectively we want to find ways to help even if only a little, as sometimes that can make the difference.

Here are Some Tips for Carers:

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