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Running a community group, voluntary organisation, charity, or social enterprise is rewarding, but it isn’t always easy. Along with the practicalities of delivering your service, there are some core areas that all organisations need to consider to be effective, compliant, and sustainable. For instance, we all need to know about fundraising, managing finances, governance, and charity law.

Meanwhile, rules, regulations, best practices, and societal expectations constantly change, and it is not enough to learn as you go. Even the more experienced among us must keep up to date with changes. And, of course, in a sector facing significant budget and resource constraints, finding time and money to access training is another challenge.

Introducing the TSI Learning Portal

The TSI Learning Portal provides essential training for those who run community groups, voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises across Scotland and does so at no or little cost. These are delivered online in interactive presentations, which you can follow at your own pace. The available courses benefit both newcomers and experienced individuals in the ‘third’ sector, providing them with the opportunity to upskill or refresh their knowledge. There are practical guides to topics like GDPR, Managing Challenging Behaviours, and Food Safety, as well as introductions to financial management and regulatory requirements. 

Who is the Portal for?

The Portal will equip board trustees, committee members, other volunteers, and staff with the knowledge and skills to manage their organisations effectively. It also allows them to access training materials in their own time and from their preferred location.   

Importantly, this new system has been created by the sector, for the sector, and will evolve to meet ever-changing demands. Third Sector Interfaces (TSIs) like GCVS are here to offer help with resources, one-to-one support, and training programmes. However, to help us respond to the variety of training needed and keep up with demand, the TSI Learning Portal adds opportunities to widen that support, covering a broad scope of training with convenience for every learner.

How does it work?

You can visit the site here at TSI Learning Portal

You will need a code to access the training for free, which you can request from your local TSI. Scotland’s TSI Network hosts details of these across the country, find them here. Once you have created an account on the Portal, you can access a range of learning opportunities designed to suit the needs of organisations in each area. 

Taking a course is simple. Follow the instructions online and enjoy learning at your own pace. Many of our courses include interactive elements to test your knowledge before completion.

For our learners in Glasgow, you can also follow up on your e-learning by emailing us at and asking for extra support.

Be sure to watch the short video on the home page detailing everything you need to get started!

The Robertson Trust has funded the creation of the TSI Learning Portal to support organisations through Third Sector Interfaces, utilising the remaining assets after Voluntary Action Scotland’s closure.

For enquiries please contact  

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