Trauma-Informed Practice

Wellbeing expert Zofia Zukowska discusses Trauma-informed Practice in this month’s People & Safety Services blog. By increasing our awareness and understanding of the impact of trauma, we can also begin to think about ways to address this from an organisational approach and changes that might be needed.


The term ‘trauma’ can refer to a wide range of traumatic, abusive or neglectful events, or series of events. The key goal of trauma-informed practice is to raise awareness among organisations and staff about the wide impact of trauma and also to prevent re-traumatisation of other staff members and service users. The focus is instead on support and assistance with healing. Being trauma-informed can help everyone around us feel safe and listened to.


Please remember anyone in our surroundings can be affected by trauma – an estimated 1 in 5 people in Scotland have experienced it in some form.


So, what are the key principles of a trauma-informed approach and what does that look like in practice?



Throughout the organisation, staff and service users feel physically and psychologically safe. There is a sense of safety in the physical setting and interpersonal interactions.



Organisational operations and decisions are conducted with transparency and the goal of building and maintaining trust among staff, clients, and family members of clients.



There is true partnering and levelling of power differences between staff and clients and among organisational staff, from direct care staff to administrators. That includes recognition that healing happens in relationships and in the meaningful sharing of power and decision-making.



Throughout the organisation and among the service users, individuals’ strengths are recognised, built on, and validated and new skills developed as necessary.



The organisation aims to strengthen the experience of choice for staff, service users and their family members. It also recognises that every person’s experience is unique and requires an individualised approach.


Here are some resources to help you become more trauma-informed, please feel free to share them.



The People and Safety Team are here to help and offer advice for your organisation including your Wellbeing, HR, Health and Safety and Recruitment. Please contact us and arrange to speak to a member of the team.

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