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As part of the GCVS series “Our World Reimagined – Social Care”, people from the third sector, wider civil society, public services, carers, disabled people and others are taking part in conversations about the future of social care in Glasgow and beyond.

These conversations are vital as we learn from the significant issues with social care during the COVID pandemic, and as we seek to address long standing inequalities in social care. These discussions become “mission critical” and need to be centre stage if we are to truly shape a better future for social care.

As we reflect on what we’ve experienced and learned during the COVID crisis, this blog comes from Janine Rennie, Chief Executive of Wellbeing Scotland who led our OWR session on “COVID, Care and Trauma” on 30 June, 2021.

Janine Rennie

Alongside Janine’s experience as a disabled person, she talks about what Wellbeing Scotland has done to support many people so deeply affected by the trauma of the last 18 months.  Alongside other speakers and blog writers in this series, Janine makes this important point: we need to collectively acknowledge the ways in which many thousands have been failed before and during the pandemic, and that we need to do this if we are to create a more “human” and compassionate social care system.

You can access Janine’s blog here – Our World Reimagined – Covid, Care and Trauma After the Pandemic, Janine Rennie

You can see the video from the “Covid, Care and Trauma” session here.

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