Thoughts from a Fundraiser – Top Tip One

Earlier today I was having a look at the Chartered Institute of Fundraising’s guidance for Trustees and management committees on raising the vital funds necessary to keep services, activities, projects, going.

Their five Top Tips are well worth thinking about and I thought I’d share them with you, so here’s Top Tip One:

Everything begins with a strategy – have a clear fundraising strategy and ensure it is integrated into your overall strategic planning.”

Taking time out to plan for your organisation’s future is important – where is the organisation going, how is it going to get there, and how much income does it need?  Fundraising strategies or plans can be weighty documents, or short simple outlines – either way, they are worth having to guide you through.

Setting clear goals; measuring your progress; and taking tough decisions when necessary, will enable you to build a solid future.

See GCVS capacity building programme for sessions that can help.

Susan Robinson FInstF
Funding Support

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