This summer, take time to consider a fresh approach to funding

The summer months often give voluntary organisations some time to consider their future strategy. According to OSCR’s Scottish Charity Survey 2022, issues with finance and funding are among their top challenges.  Running costs, fundraising and finding non-Government funding are main concerns. So, this summer, set aside some time to re-think your funding strategy. Here are three top tips.


1. Conduct a fundraising audit.

OSCR’s survey found one in four charities are exploring new ways to fundraise. A fundraising audit will help you to take a fresh look at funding and will enable you to explore new opportunities from a different perspective. Check out our helpful short video GCVS Developing your Fundraising Plan and the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, Fundraising Essentials – Developing a Fundraising Strategy  Remember, fundraising takes time and resources, so ensure your budget includes fundraising costs.


2. Improve your external communications.

OSCR’s survey found most donors give because they feel their donations are making a real difference. Take a good look at your messaging. Do they focus on the difference your group is making for people or your cause? What differences would a donation bring? Improve awareness of your cause by telling inspirational stories of positive change. Don’t talk about yourselves or just list your group’s activities, but instead, show how your group is improving lives or making this world a better place to be.


3. Look after your existing supporters.

OSCR’s survey found one in three donors have a personal connection to the charity they support. How much time and resources do you invest in building and strengthening your relationship with the people closest to your organisation? Find ways to keep in touch and give something back to your donors, supporters, volunteers and team. Help them feel good about their involvement by focusing on the difference their support is making for your cause. Sometimes the simplest, most inexpensive ideas work best.


As always, be sure to observe any legal requirements and best practice when fundraising. OSCR’s fundraising guidance explains everything you need to consider to stay within the law as well as links to other useful resources.  If you are a voluntary organisation in Glasgow and would like some support with your fundraising, visit our webpage on Funding & Fundraising or contact our funding officer June Burgess at

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