2023 Project Participant Full Quote

I thought the presentations went well. The brief was really thoroughly executed and I think you have delivered a far-reaching strategy which is also accessible for a small business with a small budget.

I have worked with marketing agencies in the past where they have not heeded the brief, they have ignored budgets and resources (such as staffing levels) and simply delivered a marketing strategy which is wonderful and shiny and exciting but which is not at all suited to the business, which means it is a huge waste of time to the business. So for me the strongest thing is that you have taken into account the business and my capacity and you have delivered me something which is possible for me to execute.

These slides are really helpful particularly as they are something I can begin to put into action now, but which I can also build on over the next year and this time next year will be even more valuable as I will be further down the road. I have been impressed with the way you all approached and delivered the project.

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