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Stress Awareness Month

Working in the third sector can be stressful. However, we must find ways to reduce that stress or learn to minimise the impact where there is no easy solution.

Join our Workshop

During self-care week last year, we held a workshop which prompted requests for more space to address the well-being of the third-sector workforce. COPE Scotland is delighted to work with GCVS to develop this work. We will host a series of events throughout 2024-25 to continue exploring the paradox of knowing we should make time for self-care but don’t!

Feedback from colleagues suggests a few areas that cause stress: communication, connection, working with others, finding the time and more.

We have a fun interactive session planned for Wednesday, 24 April, in person at the Albany Centre. It will start with a networking breakfast at 9:30 a.m. You can register here on Eventbrite.

Tools and Ideas at Our Session

Given time often comes up as a stressor (or lack of it!), we will cover:

  • The 15sec30min method: exploring the ideas on how to spend 30 seconds here, to save 30 minute there.
  • 15% solutions: an interactive activity with peers exploring the 15% that is within our control which can help reduce stress at work.
  • Some tools and techniques to take away which can easily be incorporated into your day to help reduce stress and where it cannot be reduced, minimise its impact.
  • Ideas for the next session as we want this programme to reflect what the sector would find most useful.

This event series is free thanks to funding from GCVS and in-kind support offered by COPE Scotland. The programme is aimed at people in a paid role working in the sector who experience some unique stressors which they may find helpful to discuss with peers. However, resources offered on the day can then be shared with participants, board members and volunteers. If there is interest in specific sessions for volunteers or unpaid carers, email and she shall see how she can help.

There will also be a prize of a creative ‘whack pack’; a fun tool that can be used with teams to help think out of the box.  Each participant will be offered a postcard on ideas to create an affirmation jar to take away. If there is interest, a future session could include a practical workshop on creating affirmation jars.

Take the Time to Join Us

When we are busy, we can think feeling stressed all the time is how it should be… it’s not. In these challenging times it matters more than ever that we look after our wellbeing and act as a role models for others, as sometimes we need permission to look after ourselves too.

Remember, on a plane when the oxygen masks come down, we do not put our own on first because we are selfish, but because if we pass out, we will not be able to help anyone else.

You matter, please make time, and come along to this session – for you, your teams and to share with your communities. Together we can find ways where it does not need to feel such a struggle all the time.

To register – please visit Eventbrite.

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