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  • 24th June: National Care Service – The Right Solution?
    In this ‘Social Care Conversation’ event, we will focus on the ‘National Care Service’, what this might mean, the challenges likely to emerge and whether the Feeley proposals are ‘the right solution’ for social care challenges in Scotland. This event is being run in partnership with the University of Strathclyde.  Tickets


  • 29th June: Care Conversations – Dr Ron Culley, Chief Executive Quarriers
    Journalist Pennie Taylor will be talking to Dr Ron Culley of Quarriers about Feeley & the third sector in this 1 hour Our World Reimagined session .Tickets


  • 30th June: Covid, Care and Trauma – Learning from the Pandemic
    This OWR Care Chat is with Janine Rennie, CEO of Welllbeing Scotland where she’ll discuss COVID, caring and trauma and what this means for the Feeley Review. Tickets



Last year, the GCVS Our World Reimagined: Big Ideas for a Better Future (OWR) series brought together key thinkers and influencers and the third sector to consider the changes needed to rebuild our society, our economy, and the lives of so many people, deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we faced the second Covid outbreak, the ideas and proposals presented in the OWR series – a new narrative for social care, universal basic services, asset based community development, a gender equal economy etc. – became even more relevant and urgent.

We want to build on the success of OWR, with a new series focussing on social care.  With the report from the Independent Adult Social Care (Feeley) review now being taken forward, there is a clear opportunity for organisations, people and communities in Glasgow (and beyond) to discuss big ideas for a better future in social care. 

To ensure this series brings in the voices and priorities of as many people as possible, we’re issuing a call out to charities, community groups, voluntary organisations, people who need and/or use social care, public sector organisations, academia and others, to participate in and help shape this work.

We will also work with those taking part to ensure that the events are as accessible as possible. 

All events are free. 

There are different ways you can take part:

Our World Reimagined: Social Care Conversations

We’re delighted to be collaborating with the University of Strathclyde to deliver a short series of events called “Our World Reimagined: Social Care Conversations’.  Each session will last for approx. 70-80 minutes.

Through these sessions, we want to further explore the Feeley findings and the challenges we face in turning the tide and changing the narrative on social care.  There are a number of subjects/themes we’d like to explore through 5 initial events covering themes and issues within the Review including A National Care Service, Co-Production and Power and Commissioning.

Our World Reimagined: Care Chats

Approximately 45 minutes long, “Our World Reimagined: Care Chats” will be more focussed discussions. We hope these sessions provide a platform to share innovative ideas, good practice and proposals for change, in more depth. 

How the session is structured is up to you – it could be an interview, a ‘head to head’ discussion, a presentation, or a Q and A session.

Our World Reimagined: Good Social Care Blog

Lastly, we’re calling out for people to share their ideas, to talk about what social care means to them and what they’d like to see changing through blogs, vlogs, case studies or stories.

We ask only that any contribution considers the following question:   What does good social care look like?

If you think you’d like to contribute in any way to this series, please get in touch with us initially at healthandcare@gcvs.org.uk

You can find out more here: Our World Reimagined Social Care Series Details and Call Out


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