National Care Service Consultation response from The Glasgow Third Sector Children, Young People and Families Citywide Forum

The Glasgow Third Sector Children, Young People and Families Citywide Forum provides a strong and collaborative voice to partner agencies to influence Children’s Services across the city. It represents the voice of over 800 third sector organisations working with children, families and young people, with over 2,500 staff and 3,200 volunteers.

We are pleased to have to opportunity to respond to this consultation. We have some general comments to make about ideas for a National Care Service, but our response focuses on the proposal to include Children’s Services.

We support the ideas contained in the Independent Review of Care Services (the Feeley
Review) and we think that they are also relevant to children’s services.

Whilst many challenges, barriers and gaps surrounding the potential inclusion of children’s
services were identified, some positives were also noted:
• The NCS provides potential for a universal service approach, to help alleviate the stigma of asking for help.
• Improved and continuous support for children with disabilities who are often left with little support whilst transitioning between services.
• Scope for a common language and wellbeing outcomes across all life stages.
• Potential for improved accountability for families should social care sit with Ministers (however, concerns that national accountability may not help families to access the support they need.)
• Positive ethos of the Feeley Review. Human rights approach is welcomed.
• Opportunity for enhanced collaboration across sectors and services.

We are concerned about the proposed extension of the scope of the National Service on two
fronts; first that children’s services will be marginalised due to the need to focus on urgent
reform of the adult care sector. Second, we would like to see far more consultation with children, young people, and families, and the third sector organisations who support them.

The tone and language used to describe social care in this consultation is welcome – but with
a strong focus on structures, restructuring and process, there is a real risk that we lose the
essence of and vision in the Feeley Review. The emphasis must be on cultural transformation,
including more collaborative approaches to planning, commissioning and procuring social
care support services

Read the full response here Glasgow Citywide Forum NCS Response Nov 21

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