Mental Health Awareness Week

Guest Blog

Our Policy and Engagement team has been working with COPE Scotland, which specialises in tools and resources that support mental health and wellbeing. In a recent session, we worked with individuals from busy third-sector groups and organisations to connect and share ideas about maintaining morale and wellbeing in times of challenge. We are grateful to COPE’s Hilda Campbell for sharing her thoughts and practical tips with us in this guest blog.

Moving more for our mental health

Now, some of us may be thinking, ‘move more; I never sit down’! In which case, please find time to pause and rest, even for a moment; it matters we find a balance in all that we do. This link offers a podcast that encourages taking time out for you, even for a moment. Please remember you are worth so much more than that.

However, if you are finding that you are not as active as you used to be, especially since lockdown, more of your life seems to go on in front of a screen or behind a computer! Then perhaps this week offers some time to reflect on the value of moving more. If you have any health conditions, check with your medical team what works for you. These are general tips and do not replace professional advice. 

  • If you have children or pets, try new ideas for active playtime.
  • View housework as a way to get fitter without going to the gym!
  • Gardening is another great way to get fitter and improve our mental health; if you don’t have a garden, look for a community allotment that may be seeking volunteers; this is also a way to connect to others. This website may be of interest Why gardening makes us feel better
  • This PDF offers ideas to move more at home.
  • Be mindful if you attend many online meetings how long you are sitting without moving or giving your eyes a rest from the screen. Find ways to build moving into online meetings.
  • This piece may be of interest if Move while working in a sedentary job
  • Dance, have fun, and laugh; this video always inspires me; find your tune, you get up and dance to it! Shuffle Dance
  • Share ideas. We often know what we need to do but find it hard to do it; why not team up with a friend, family member, or work colleague, share ideas of what works for you, as we all have different experiences, and find a way to get moving more?
  • Maybe join a class or group. This little booklet was created to inspire curiosity about Qigong Link. We offer it as another idea of the many ways we can find to bring more movement into our lives. If we want to get out more again and meet people, perhaps finding a class we enjoy can help us do both and improve our well-being.

Find something that works for you as you do matter.

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