Making time for you – Stress Awareness Month

Hilda Campbell of COPE Scotland shares some tips and thoughts in ‘Stress Awareness Month’.

Hilda Campbell, COPE Scotland

There are so many different “awareness” days and months; it sometimes feels like this is just another ‘thing to do’!

However, they can be helpful for reminding us of something we should be thinking about every day – taking time to look after our own wellbeing.

We know what the past few years have been like so I am not going to list all that here – we all lived it..

We may have different experiences and challenges; regardless of our circumstances, each of us in our own way will have experienced additional stressors over and above those we’ve have had to deal with before.

Life can be stressful at times.  We cannot avoid all stress, but we can find ways to manage it and avoid it where we can – stopping stress from becoming distress.

We each experience stress in different ways and when it has been going on for so long, we may start to think that feeling this way is how it is!  Sometimes we turn to coping strategies which in the long term can offer us more stressors.  So it matters that whatever we do, we think about whether this is actually good for us.

There are things that could help us feel so much better.

Connecting with how we feel is a good place to start; in recognising when we are feeling stressed, sometimes it can be as simple as being aware of our energy levels.  There can be other reasons why we may feel fatigued and if in doubt do speak to a health care professional. Speak to someone if stress is becoming distress – when it gets harder to get through each day.

The Battery exercise offers ideas on how to explore where you spend your energy and how you top it back up again.

Figure of man, with different colours and tips on managing stress

COPE Scotland stress tool


Visit our website for more tips and tools on managing stress.

NB – It’s important to note, this wee piece is for general self-care and wellbeing and does not replace professional advice.


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