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We’re getting ready to distribute £2,000 raised through Yaldi, Glasgow’s Community Lottery! But first, we need your help. During the voting period, you can vote for 1 of 4 lucky causes that will receive £500 each. Check out who you can vote for below and what they plan to spend the money on.

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Voting is open from Monday 10th October at 10am, until Friday 28th October at 5pm. 

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How will the money be used? Find out more:


Alzheimer Scotland told us:

Alzheimer Scotland’s aim is to make sure that nobody faces dementia alone. In Glasgow there are over 12,300 living with dementia including around 552 who are under the age of 65. However we predict this number is much larger due to the delay in diagnosis because of the pandemic.
The funding will be used to fund our Dementia Café’s, Outdoor Activities, Football Memories, Therapeutic services, carers education and Young Carers Groups. These services are vitally important to the people we support, offering much needed respite for carers and social engagement for people living with dementia.


Community InfoSource told us:

New asylum seekers to Glasgow, including families, are housed in an old hotel, sometimes for many months before being housed. They often have no shoes, rainwear, phones and little clothing, and are unaware of support services. Many suffer trauma because of their experiences. Whilst their claim is processed, they have no money to buy basic items for themselves or their children. Funding will directly help new arrivals through:
1. Shopping vouchers for basic items
2. Basic smartphones with preloaded data to contact family, friends and support services
3. Volunteer expenses so we can support asylum seekers in their own language


Disability Sport Glasgow told us:

Disability Sport Glasgow is a voluntary organisation passionate about seeing as many people as possible engage in sport or physical activity, regardless of their physical, sensory or learning disability.
Help us enable young people to have life changing sporting opportunities and experiences which will bring them achievement, pride and joy. We will create new opportunities for those with a disability to try new sporting activities in the city by planning, organising and marketing taster events for a wide range of sports and assist new clubs and member clubs to increase opportunities for individuals to socialise and/or train for competitions.


Epilepsy Connections told us:

Epilepsy Connections signed up to Yaldi when it started, and our supporters have had lots of winning tickets ever since! We’re delighted to join in the competition for a share of the general fund that’s built up over the last year. If we win, we’ll use the cash to help transform our gloomy formal meeting room in Glasgow City Centre to a warm, safe, comfortable space where people with epilepsy and their families and carers can expect a warm welcome over the winter, relax with friends over coffee, and get information and advice about epilepsy from our expert staff.


Epilepsy Scotland told us:

Epilepsy Scotland works with people living with epilepsy across Scotland to ensure their voice is heard. We support people with the emotional challenges of their diagnosis and bring people together. Our services are focused on improving the mental, physical, and financial wellbeing of people with epilepsy. We would use £500 to help fund our Glasgow Youth Work, connecting young people through activities, support groups and workshops.
“I made new friends and built confidence, I love the energy from everyone in the group and especially the team! Epilepsy Scotland Youth Group means being part of a community and making friends”


Finn’s Place told us:
Our community garden, Square Yard, has been a real source of connection, learning and fun for all those who come and plant, weed, fertilise and harvest a wide range of vegetables and fruit each year. The group is very multi-cultural, with single folk, couples, families, and all ages coming along each week to spend time in the garden with our gardener Colin. Here they can learn about gardening skills, socialise and make new friends, enjoy a good positive community spirit, eat local produce, tea, cake and relax and chat with neighbours and friends.


Flourish House told us:

Flourish House is a mental health charity that provides a range of services offering support, opportunity and hope to people living with severe mental illnesses. Members regain a sense of purpose and wellbeing to recover confidence lost during illness. We organise a festive lunch for members who otherwise would spend Christmas day alone. Our celebration includes a 3 course meal, present and transportation from their home and back. The £500 would help to cover the high travel costs (taxis mainly) and food to provide the 3 course meal for up to 50 of our members


Geeza Break told us:

Now in our 31st year, Geeza Break provides a much loved, needed and valued service for the people of Glasgow and we are delighted to be part of the Glasgow Community Lottery Cause.
We are a voluntary organisation and our main task is achieve the improved health and wellbeing of individuals, families and their children. Our service is intended to be used as a short term flexible support to families experiencing addiction, stress, crisis or isolation. We offer a unique service within the city and any funds received will be used to continue to support those in need.


Generations Working Together told us:

Generations Working Together needs your help to make our intergenerational network meetings in Glasgow more accessible by supporting the purchase of a Meeting OWL 3. These AI-driven cameras allow for fully immersive hybrid meetings, providing 360° views, allowing everybody to feel included whether they are in the room or not. Sometimes people are unable to join our meetings in-person for a variety of reasons (e.g. disability, cost of travel, social anxiety, etc.) but we want to ensure everyone is afforded the chance to benefit from intergenerational work!


Glasgow’s Golden Generation told us:

Glasgow’s Golden Generation (GGG) aims to alleviate the effects of poverty, isolation and loneliness in older people across Greater Glasgow. £500 would help support GGG Day Centres which offer friendship, belonging, activities, food and fun. Attendees enjoy activities to challenge them physically and mentally before enjoying a good hearty home cooked lunch which improves their nutrition and health. At a time when older people are having to choose between heating and eating the Day Centre is a real lifeline. Attendees can also access other GGG services like welfare and benefits support and befriending.


Govan Community Project told us:

We will provide 200 food pantry vouchers to people seeking asylum. We provide our food support as part of a ‘pay it forward’ scheme with 7 pantries across the city. Pantry members can purchase 10 items, valued £10-£15, for £2.50. £2.50 is still a prohibitive cost for many asylum seekers as poverty and destitution is built into the UK asylum system. Living on just £40.85 a week people are often forced to choose between basic needs such as food, travel, clothing etc. Last year we supported 616 adults and 341children to access food on an ongoing and crisis basis.


Horatio’s Garden Scotland told us:

Horatio’s Garden Scotland improves the lives of everyone affected by spinal injury throughout the whole of Scotland. Spinal injuries are traumatic, life-changing events that can happen to anyone. Patients often spend months, and in some cases years, in hospital and have little or no access to the outside world. We will use the funding to ensure our garden remains a restorative place for patients with spinal injuries at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow. We will also provide creative and gardening workshops to assist with rehabilitation and pain management, supporting the physical and psychological wellbeing of around 2,367 patients annually.


Peace for Darfur told us:

We will use the grant to support the refugees, asylum seekers including LGBTQIA+, and other migrants to alleviate poverty and cost of living crisis. As majority of them are entirely destitute without any support. This fund will be used to support them with food costs as a form of food banks to enable joyous healthy, low budget collective meals to take place. This process will bring pleasure and an opportunity for them to socialise in a relaxed way. With very impoverished and social isolated the grant would support them to participate in meaningful health-giving activities


Refugee Survival Trust told us:

Refugee Survival Trust provides vulnerable individuals facing destitution and homelessness in Scotland with community-based, trauma-informed supported accommodation for up to 18 months. Fleeing from war/conflict has a psychological toll on someone’s mental health coupled with social isolation and stress, severely impacting on their physical health. A safe place to live with holistic support helps individuals rebuild resilience, self-confidence, and ability to engage with a lawyer to progress their asylum claim. We link beneficiaries to support required and work closely with organisations. £500 would contribute greatly towards travel costs for individuals.


Royston Youth Action told us:

We would love to be considered for this funding and would use this money to further develop our wellbeing work for our RYA families. We would buy a ‘calm area’ bench for our garden which is something our children and Y/P have asked for. The bench would be a space where they can take time to sit and reflect. It would be decorated in quotes/pictures reflecting our ethos of being kind to ourselves and others. The bench would also be used as a buddy bench space where groups can sit and talk to each other about any problems or issues they may have. This area of the garden would be designated as the wellbeing spot.


Scottish Sports Futures told us:

Scottish Sports Futures are currently leading in the ‘Changing Lives Through Sport’, which aims to engage with as many young people and families who come from the lowest reported SIMD areas across Glasgow and Scotland. This funding will allow us to continue to ensure every young person can reach their positive destination despite experiencing trauma, multiple ACEs and/ or discrimination. We position ourselves in the heart of communities who are most in need. Engaging with several partners and community organisations, we are well equipped to understand the various needs for each young person across individual areas.


Southside Tool Library told us:

We will use any funds we receive to purchase the tools needed to help residents become more energy efficient ahead of the cold winter. For example, a thermal imagining camera costs about £400 and we can then have it available to borrow for free in the tool library. A simple to use thermal imaging camera would enable many residents struggling with energy bills this winter to see where the heat is escaping in their homes and take action.


Speech Bubble Drama told us:

We provide opportunities for children and young people with physical disabilities who want to take part in drama and film making. We launched on-line in 2020 but as life returns to normal we want to get people together in person. We use the fund to pay for supported transport for a powerchair user travel, so that they would be more mobile and independent at an event. To provide an escort for a young person to travel and to provide a little bit of respite for their family. To pay additional staff or expenses for volunteers ensure the right levels of support.


The Compassionate Friends told us:

The Compassionate Friends provides peer support from bereaved parents to other parents bereaved by the death from any cause of a beloved son or daughter of any age. We ask people to vote for us to receive £500 for our support group in Glasgow for parents bereaved by suicide. The group meets every month and is facilitated by a trained volunteer herself a mother bereaved by suicide. The group facilitator is also a member of our National Bereaved by Suicide Support Team offering one-off or ongoing telephone contact with parents bereaved by suicide throughout Glasgow and Scotland.


The Hidden Gardens told us:

We will use the funds to plant hundreds of spring flowering bulbs and plants for 2023, to mark our 20 years anniversary. Spring bulbs are so uplifting following winter and they are one of the first sources of food for early pollinators coming out of hibernation in the wild. We all know pollinators are in decline; so this will be one of the most important things we can do to support the wildlife this winter. Come for a walk in spring to see the gorgeous blooms.


The Marie Trust told us:

The funds will support our work in helping people who have experienced homeless to prepare for employment and provide everyone with a new uniform for our Training Kitchen, which they will keep when they leave. The trainees will cook 80+ meals each day, learning how to cook healthily from scratch without salts, sugars, or preservatives. We are at the end of a refurbishment and this fund will support us to provide the best environment to support our trainee transition into employment. The uniforms help give people a sense of pride in their role, and the beginning of a new start


The Sound Lab told us:

We are a grassroots charity made up of a dedicated team who bring free music tuition to those who need it most, because we believe music matters. Our expert tutors offer fun, free, accessible creative workshops that support people’s education, wellbeing and confidence. With over 20 years’ experience, we have helped thousands break down barriers to accessing music. We would use the £500 to help provide free loan of instruments across Glasgow, access interpreters and to hire a community space to host our workshops.


Venture Scotland told us:

Venture Scotland runs a long-term, outdoor based personal development programme for Young People facing complex challenges. Every day, all year round, we take our Young People into the outdoors to boost their confidence, health and wellbeing and give them the chance to experience the adventure and tranquility of the outdoors. We would use £500 from Glasgow Lottery to buy essential water-based kit for our Young People.
“As we allowed the wind to carry us along Loch Etive, I felt so alive. It was a truly beautiful experience.” (Venture Scotland Young Person)


Wellbeing Scotland told us:

We would use the funding to support people who have had very difficult mental health challenges through the pandemic and who are now facing additional fears due to the cost of living crisis. The funding would enable us to offer extra emotional support and practical help.


With Kids told us:

‘As a children’s mental health charity delivering Play Therapy to nursery and primary aged children who have experienced upsetting life events, we would use the £500 to update and expand our play resources to represent the increasing diversity in the population of children in Glasgow. Through the use of play, our therapeutic work helps children to express, explore and resolve the different traumatic experiences they have encountered in their lives, enabling them to more fully enjoy and take part in school-life, friendships, clubs & hobbies and family relationships.’


Voting is open from Monday 10th October at 10am, until Friday 28th October at 5pm. Vote now!

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