Health and Care Network January Discussion

We are pleased to share a summary of the Health and Social Care Network meeting on 12 January 2023

Organisations attending:


Key Points

  • Importance of voluntary/third sector voice and experience especially as the NHS/social care remain in a crisis state.
  • Challenges in both recruitment and skills in social care- pay, career development and progression are important. Costs and challenges of keeping staff e.g., cost of regulated qualifications.
  • Role of employability solutions? How do we make social care a valued and attractive profession?
  • Ongoing issues with mental health support, access to CAMHS and other support – impact downstream on numbers of people cycling in and out of acute mental health services and not being fully supported on discharge.
  • Learning from set up and work of Citywide Forum for Children and Young People – strong network with regular events and training, and work with public sector partners.
  • The ‘holistic’ role of the voluntary sector in helping people to live well, to reduce isolation and get out and about. The strong preventative role – e.g. importance of local transport, community connections, etc.
  • Importance of identifying good work and practice in the midst of a lot of sadness, isolation and lack of hope. The work of the third sector/not for profit organisations is more critical than ever, especially in helping people to stay well, to self-manage long term conditions, move from crisis situations, in recovery e.g., after hospital admission.  Strong partnerships between public and third/voluntary sector are more important than ever.
  • Creating a Health and Care Network for the voluntary/third sector – resilience and support for each other. Identifying key sector representatives for public bodies e.g., Integrated Joint Board – but making sure the sector is supporting that person given the challenges of representing a diversity and range of services. Agreed that a small IJB sub group would be set up for this purpose.
  • Can we develop a collective vision for health and care in Glasgow? What do we want to see?  What matters? What is the role for the sector?
  • Do we need other thematic ‘sub groups? Something to consider as the network develops.



  • If interested in becoming IJB rep, contact GCVS to indicate interest by Friday 13th
  • If interested in taking part in an IJB Support Group contact GCVS as soon as possible.
  • GCVS will seek to get an up-to-date list of current health and care strategic planning groups.
  • Network members to get in touch with ideas for future sessions, speakers and discussions.


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