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Health and Safety Performance Review

As we head towards the end of the financial year it is a good time to look at reviewing and auditing your Health and Safety Policies and Procedures. In this blog from our Health and Safety expert detailing what to take into account when conducting the review.

The first thing to consider is how you will measure your performance.

Measuring Performance

As an organisation you must make sure that your plan has been implemented and staff are following the processes and procedures are detailed therein. Having well written documents in itself is not a good measure of your performance; it is the actions of staff and the organisation. Your organisation must assess how well the risks identified are being controlled and if the aims decided upon are being achieved. It is worth considering undertaking a formal audit to help identify any areas that are falling outwith the processes.

Remember to review any accident, incident and near misses you have had through the year.

Investigating the causes of accidents, incidents and near misses.

Your organisation must conduct high quality, thorough investigations into accidents, incidents and near misses. This is to find the root (or underlying) causes and once identified put in place suitable and sufficient preventative measures to prevent re-occurrence.

Now that the criteria for the review has been set and information collated you should start the review of your Health & Safety Performance.

Reviewing Performance

Your organisation must review and examine the information you have collected from accidents, incidents, ill-health information, errors and experience.
You should look back to the plans made, your policy documents and risk assessments and check to see if they need updated.

Learning Lessons

Your organisation should take information learned in the review process and put in place measures to ensure previous mistakes are not made again. This will also help work towards your aims and objectives

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