How do we rebuild social care in Scotland?

On 10 May, GCVS hosted the Scottish Women’s Budget Group and Carers Scotland to explore recent research on the benefits of investment in social care in Scotland, and why we need to transform the current, creaking system.

Towards a Transformative Social Care System for Scotland“, published by the Scottish Women’s Budget Group, identifies actions and options for investment, paying better salaries to care workers and ensuring individuals and families can access the help and assistance they need, when they need it. The report covers the role taxation could play in raising additional funding, and why investing in social care makes good economic sense.

SWBG Coordinator Sara Cowan outlined the work behind the analysis and two funding options, whilst laying out the local and national impact of such investment in terms of jobs, tax returns, stability in social care and greater spend in local communities. The potential impact on reduced spend on acute care was discussed during the event.

Fiona Collie of Carers Scotland also highlighted what the current social care crisis means in reality for unpaid carers and their families. People are being forced into poverty as they give up paid work to care and have to make impossible choices about essentials such as food and heating  The discussion considered what might be done now and that we don’t need to wait for the National Care Service legislation to improve outcomes.

You can access the presentation delivered at the session here – GCVS Care presentation 10 May.

Some of the resources and information shared during the event also can be found here – Investing for Transformation in Scotland event – notes and resources 10 May.

Access a recording of the session here on YouTube.  You can also access the Scottish Women’s Budget Group report here.


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