Health and Social Care Integration communications survey and update

Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership Communications Team want to hear your views on what has been communicated so far about Health and Social Care Integration within Glasgow City,  and how you would like them to communicate with you in the future.

What is the survey about?

Glasgow City Council and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde are developing plans for the integration of community health and social care services within Glasgow City. Integration is a change in the way that community health and social care services will be planned and delivered across Scotland, which has to happen, by law.

There is a strong commitment to making integration work for Glasgow and to make it work for everyone, the Partnership needs to communicate with stakeholders to keep them up to date on progress and  inform them of the work that is being done. Their stakeholders are the people and organisations who the Council and Health Board work with, and for, in the planning and delivery of community health and social care services.  This includes staff, Council Elected Members, Health Board Members, service user/ patients and carer representatives, community planning partners and the third and independent sectors, among others.

How you can take part

The team are inviting you to complete the following web-based survey and to share the survey with other relevant stakeholders who may be interested in taking part. All survey responses are confidential and will be presented in a way to maintain anonymity. The survey should take around 10-15 minutes to complete, and it will be available to complete until Friday, 16 October 2015.  You can access the survey by here.

If you have any questions or need a paper copy of the survey for yourself or others to complete, please  email the Communications Team.

Health and Social Care Integration update – Joint Board papers. 

A number of reports were submitted to the Integrated Joint Board on Wednesday 6th October, providing updated information on the progress of Health and Social Care Integration in Glasgow.

Reports include the new Health Board Clinical Services Strategy, which will be submitted for approval; an update on the Participation and Engagement Strategy, which describes the review of existing engagement arrangements with patients and carers; allocations made under the Integrated Care Fund and the progress these projects have made; and an update on the Draft Strategic Plan, which will be consulted on until the end of December 2015.  The papers also contain a finance update, the Chief Social Worker’s annual report and an unscheduled care winter planning report.

The next meeting of the Integrated Joint Board is due to take place on 6th October 2015.

You can access these papers here 

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