Govanhill “slum landlords” to be tackled

Glasgow City Council is asking Scottish ministers to designate Govanhill as an Enhanced Enforcement Area, using Scottish Government legislation brought in by the  Housing (Scotland) Act 2014.

Those owning and renting property in  EEAs can be told to submit to a criminal record check, produce a buildings insurance policy and provide safety certificates.   Govanhill residents have long complained about the poor condition of some of the private rental properties in the area, which has recently suffered from a bedbug infestation and has been subject to pest control measures due to cockroach infestations.

Slum landlords in 4 blocks will be targeted. Failure to comply with the requirements of an EEA could result in landlords being struck off the register – effectively putting them out of business.

Local Councillor Soryia Siddique, who has spearheaded the move said that “The council has spent substantial amounts in maintaining housing stock in the area, however there are continued challenges.

“Additional powers will allow the council to enforce housing standards. This combined with multimillion housing investment in the area will help make Govanhill a far better place to live.”

An EEA can be served if there is a prevalence of antisocial behaviour, if properties are of a poorly environmental standard, or if there is overcrowding.

A Council spokes said that EEAs give the local authority “additional discretionary powers to target enforcement action” at landlords.

Source: Evening Times 

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