Glasgow Promise Project

The Glasgow Promise Partnership is a steering group of third sector organisations, supported by GCVS, in partnership with Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership. We have been successful in obtaining Promise Partnership Funding to:

explore alternatives to traditional procurement and establish tests of change which will create a blueprint for how children’s services across the country can be planned, procured and delivered. We want to work in partnership, not in competition and co-design services with the children, young people, and families they are designed to support’.

We plan to use the Scottish Approach to Service Design and the National Standards for Community Engagement, to support and empower young people and families to actively participate in the definition, design and delivery of their services.

Consultation stage

The first stage of the process is to  engage with a diverse range of children, young people and
families about their lived experience and their needs, in ways that suit them. Each organisation taking
part in the study is asked to interview 10 or 20 people about their lived experience and their needs in
ways which suit them. We will be creative to minimize the barriers to participation and ensure that a wide range of children, young people, parents and carers can take part.

As ideas emerge, we will use co-production principles, with a group comprising young people, families, third sector and public sector working together to design services to meet their needs. We will continue to engage with young people and families once services are in place, to ensure that they continue to meet their needs.

If you are interested in helping children, young people, parents and carers to take part in the consultation, you can attend one of our briefing sessions

Glasgow Promise Project – Consultation Briefing for Staff and Volunteers
  • 24th August 10.100am Book here 
  • 1st Sept 10am. Book here 


We can provide a grant to third sector organisations to support particular needs such as travel, digital inclusion needs, interpretation and childcare, along with recognition of participants. More information here GPP – Consultation – Grant for Participation

Apply for a grant here 

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