Glasgow facing £100m cuts

Glasgow City Council faces cuts of up to £100m over the next three years as cuts to public spending may force a 7% reduction in the council’s budget. While these figures represent a forecast – the council does not yet know how much its budget will be, there is an expectation that expected savings will be harsh.  They intend to try to make these savings with as little impact on services as possible – by using technology better, changing work patterns and reducing duplication. The Council expects around 3000 staff to leave ‘naturally’ by 2017 and said that there would be no forced redundancies, however, many of the vacated posts will remain unfilled.

It is unclear at present how these cuts will impact on third sector organisations in the city, many of whom rely on grant funding from the council, or provide commissioned services, however, Council Leader Gordon Matheson said that their priority of protecting the most vulnerable would continue.

Source:  BBC website

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