Glasgow Census Participation Fund

 Glasgow Census Participation Fund

Support your community to complete the Census

Scotland’s Census is a household survey of everyone in Scotland which usually takes place once every ten years. For over 200 years, Scotland has relied on the census to underpin national and local decision making. These anonymous census estimates provide a highly accurate picture of the number of people and their characteristics (such as age, health, where we live, etc.). Further information on Scotland’s Census is available here

It is a legal requirement that everyone living in Scotland completes the census, and those who don’t can face a fine of up to £1,000.

Scotland’s census deadline has been extended until the end of May 2022, and the Scottish Government is seeking third sector and community organisations’ help to ensure that as many people as possible participate.

Third sector organisations in Glasgow City can apply, via GCVS, for money to carry out work aimed at encouraging or helping people to complete the census. Activities to do this might include:

  • Promotion or support at events, including events that are already planned.
  • Outreach work to target people who are less likely to have completed the census.
  • Inclusion in communications to encourage participation and signpost support.
  • Practical support to complete the census form.
  • Encouraging people to attend existing census events taking place around the city.

There is flexibility in how the objective is reached. To simplify the grant application process, we are applying standard rates to all work.

  • If you run an event promoting and supporting census completion, you can apply for a grant of £150.
  • For any staff time (including employees or volunteers) you can apply for a grant of £160 per day. This includes staff time organising and attending any event you run.

If you are able to help then we’d love to hear from you.

To participate in this programme please apply online and fill in our short Glasgow Census Participation Fund form.

The deadline to apply is Friday 20th May at 12 noon.

Guidance on applications

If applying to join the Census Fund programme please read the following notes:

  • Apply online at Census Participation Fund
  • Organisations that have recently had a grant distributed via GCVS do not need to provide any associated documentation. Other organisations must provide a constitution and bank statement in the name of their group.
  • You will be required to estimate the number of people you will reach to encourage or support the census. Estimates should be realistic, but they do only need to be estimates.
  • You will need to confirm how many days (of 7 hours duration) you will spend on the project. Please include all staff time including any volunteers that are working with you. Each day will be paid at £160.
  • If you run an event for the project, or if you are running an event already which can be adapted to provide Census support, then you can claim a contribution of £150 per event.
  • We recognise that some organisations will be working with people who require additional resource to increase reach – for example paying an interpreter. Please include this in the form.
  • GCVS will endeavour to pay grants as quickly as possible.  Activity can begin from as soon as you receive a grant offer email.  We will endeavour to approve grants within two working days.

Glasgow Census Participation Fund

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