Glasgow Build Back Better Network – A Message from our Chief Executive

A message and invite from Ian Bruce:

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned lives, services and our economy upside down.

Whilst we move on from the immediate crisis (although the WHO suggests that we must always have a COVID-19 crisis response ready), our thoughts turn to what happens next.

How does our economy recover? Can we be honest about the challenges and inequalities faced by citizens in our City in order to build back better?  What does ‘better’ look like and how do we ensure that our sector and that the families and communities we work with are at the heart of shaping their own future?

To consider all of this and more, and to ensure our sector feeds into local and national COVID recovery plans, GCVS is setting up a Glasgow Build Back Better network for community groups, voluntary organisations and social enterprises in the city.

We want to see a future economy that is fairer and more inclusive. We’d like to invite you to be involved. If you’d like updates and meeting invites from us then join the mailing list here, ticking the Build Back Better Network box. We are also setting up an online conversation on Zulip.

For further information please contact our Social Policy Coordinator Lynn Williams – please do share ideas, priorities and suggestions for action.

Thank you and stay safe everyone,

Ian Bruce, Chief Executive, GCVS

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