Vaccine Policy: Quick Briefing for Managing Staff from our HR Service Manager

Of course this is a very current topic that managers are having to consider – balancing the rights of individual staff and the needs to deliver a service.  Our HR Servcie Manager, Natasha summarises the situation as follows:

Organisations need to fairly and consistently manage all staff who choose or refuse to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, including how they will support those unable to receive the vaccine now or in the future.

Staff should be given reasonable time off to attend vaccination appointments.  Once fully vaccinated, staff will receive a record card which will allow staff to return to active duty following a risk assessment.  Local and national lockdown restrictions must still be followed.

Staff may have a legitimate reason to refuse the vaccine under the Equality Act 2010 with discrimination protection of disability, new & expectant mothers and /or religion/belief.  Should they refuse the vaccination, there is a possibility of termination of employment by way of Frustration of Contract.

However, before any process is started, alternative working arrangements must be considered following a review of the job description and requirements.  A formal meeting to discuss alternative working arrangements which could be considered or are reasonably practicable.

Before considering any formal route, please seek professional HR advice.

Please Note: if you are a member of the HR Service, Natasha will be circulating policy templates to you

Natasha Gordon, GCVS HR Service Manager
DD:    0141 354 6515

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