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Helen Macneil, Chief Executive Officer

It’s less than 4 weeks until the citizens of Glasgow head to the ballot box to vote at the  Local Election. In anticipation of the election we launched our Third Sector Manifesto for Change on 30 March, the manifesto sets out the priorities we believe should become part of the agenda for the next Glasgow City Council Administration.

We’ve been working on these asks and offers for some 6 months, reviewing historical evidence and research and engaging with out members at our AGM in December and through our Digital Panel. The Main messages are around “A Transformed Relationship with Glasgow’s People” and “A Transformed Relationship with the Third Sector”.

We’re asking all parties fielding candidates, and all candidates themselves, to agree to a new way of working with the Third Sector, with a focus on mutual respect, shared goals and finding more interactive, collaborative and constructive ways for the Council and Third Sector to jointly tackle the big issues in the city. The Third Sector has fully signed up to this agenda and is looking to make a really positive contribution.

You can read our Manifesto for Change in full here, and why not register for our Hustings Event on the 25th of April from 5-7pm in The Albany Centre too? This will be a great opportunity for people to raise their burning questions on Third Sector issues with candidates from each of the main political parties standing in Glasgow.



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