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Liz McEntee,

Director of External Affairs at GCVS



Welcome to our first GCVS Blog post!

It’s been quite an intense time at GCVS over the last 12 months, having had to revise our focus and alter structures and teams, to do more with less – a story that I’m sure many of you reading this will be familiar with.  We’ve been taking a long hard look at what we do across GCVS and, included in our thinking, is the way we connect with our members and stakeholders.

So we are starting 2017 with a whole new focus and approach to our communications – and blogging is one of the things we’ve decided to do!


  • Getting Involved

We know that time is precious and that when you manage to find time to meet face to face, that time has to be productive, so we’re re-thinking how we involve and engage with our members in the months ahead.  In this age of the smart phone, social media and ever present technology, we want engagement to be easy, quick and convenient.

So we’re testing out this theory as we develop our manifesto for this year’s Scottish Local Elections.  Our digital panel #SpeakforGlasgowTS gives you, our members, the opportunity to shape our manifesto, share your experiences and raise your profile without having to attend a single meeting if you are pressed for time – although we do always love  to see you! To get involved, sign up to our mailing list.

For those of you who can spare an hour or two away from the day job, we’d love you to join us at our Speak for Glasgow TS event – an informal chance to discuss the election issues that matter to you over wine and nibbles on the afternoon of 10th February.  For more information – click here!


  • Sharing Information

I’m sure we’ve all come back from time out of the office to a groaning inbox with hundreds of messages  emails that seldom get read and often get deleted! At GCVS we’ve been guilty of overloading mailboxes too.  Believe me it’s always been with the best of intentions and from a desire to keep you informed but we’re aiming to make this a thing of the past!

Over the next year, we’re introducing a new management information system that will give us much more control over what we share and who we share it with – as well as fantastic intel about key stats on the sector and the work going on in Glasgow.

The system is a step up from our existing Infobase database and will give us, and you, real time information, reports and dashboards that tell a compelling story about Glasgow’s Third Sector.

And as we have been working to bring this into being, our small but focused Communications Team have been developing our Social Media pages too.  We hope that over time this becomes our main route to communicating with you.


  • Showcasing YOU!

Whist our blog is a way for us to update you on what we’re doing and why we’re doing, it’s also a way for us to tell the story of our members, to share the amazing work you do on a day to day basis. If you’d like to contribute to our blog why not sign up to be featured in our Meet the Members campaign which is due to launch mid-February!

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