Funding for Documentary Screenings and Discussions

There is funding available to host documentary screenings and discussions about gambling and suicide

GCVS and community interest company Machine Zone are working together to host documentary screenings and discussions across the Third Sector in Glasgow.

Machine Zone have created One Last Spin, a documentary which brings together a range of people with lived experience, professionals and politicians to share their experiences and expertise of gambling harms. Suicide is a prominent theme emerging from the documentary, powerfully spoken about and described by those who have been harmed by gambling.

Funding is available to cover the cost of catering and venue hire of these screenings. This fund is only available until 31 March 2023, so payment can be made in advance for events taking place from April 2023 onwards.

These screenings and discussion events can be in the form of public or private screenings for a staff team or network for training and development. All events will be facilitated by a GCVS member of staff and a Machine Zone volunteer. They will also have an ASSIST-trained member of staff available. If you would like to organise a screening in an external venue, we can arrange this for you.

Hosting a screening with our support:

  • One Last Spin is a fantastic resource for raising awareness of gambling harms for both people living in the community and for frontline workers across the Third Sector. It has been created by people with lived experience.
  • Gambling harms is highly stigmatised and so any opportunity to spark conversation or to raise awareness among staff teams should be encouraged. Screening discussions will always include signposting information for support available and further training.
  • We will use discussion notes and feedback to inform the final report and recommendations for the Glasgow City Suicide Prevention Partnership. This will include additional training and awareness needs in the Third Sector.
  • Positive partnership working in the gambling harms and suicide prevention areas of work, will lead to future training and networking opportunities.

We would be happy to have a chat about potential screenings with you and answer any questions you may have. You can watch the trailer for One Last Spin here. To get in touch, please contact Jenna Ingram, Development Worker, Gambling Harms:

Follow us on Twitter @GlasgowCVS and also @themachinezone

More about Gambling Harms

Significant harm can be experienced from gambling and can have a huge impact on an individual’s mental and physical health, relationships, and finance. In the worst instances it can lead to suicide. Gambling harms can also be experienced by an individual’s children, partners, wider families, friends, employers, communities and society as a whole.

Anyone can experience harm at any time, but marginalised and disadvantaged people and communities are more vulnerable to harm than others. Gambling related harm has become even more concerning in this digital age where people have more exposure to online gambling. With the marketing and advertising of online and land-based gambling, many adults, young people and children are at risk of experiencing gambling harms.

Glasgow has a longstanding problem with gambling and has one of the highest concentrations of betting shops per head of population in the UK (outside of London). Unfortunately gambling harms remains a highly stigmatised and silent experience. It is important that third sector organisations and community groups are involved in raising awareness and signposting/ providing support to individuals, families and communities affected by gambling.

A Multi-Agency group was established in 2022 to develop a whole systems approach to tackle gambling harms in Glasgow City. The group acknowledge that harm from gambling is preventable but there is no single solution and no one agency can influence all the factors. This way of working brings together people affected by gambling harms, with key partners from the third sector, health and social care, academia, and the City Council, to build a shared understanding of a complex public health problem and find solutions.

If you would like more information and be kept updated, please contact:

Jenna Ingram, Development Worker – Gambling Harms:

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