First Minister: “sector is crucial ally”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has revealed that she is committed to 3 year funding for third sector organisations and for them to be more involved in public service delivery.  In an interview with TFN, she said that this was a “common sense approach” to achieve stability for third sector organisations.  Sturgeon has spoken of her commitment to tackling social justice and equality by placing them at the heart of all policy making and describes the sector as a crucial ally in the process.

“If we change our thinking and see the third sector as a full delivery partner as opposed to just grant receiving organisations then we change the whole culture,” she said.

“I’ve seen it in action. I know the issues and I’m clear about the solutions,” she says. “I want to harness innovation and make that approach the norm. Where there are innovative, new, creative approaches then let’s use them if we can. Let’s back those projects.”


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