Have you tried a Facebook Fundraiser Challenge?

Did you know, that charities and voluntary groups can set up Fundraisers directly on Facebook, without the need for third parties?

First, what is a Fundraiser Challenge?

Fundraiser Challenges are a fun and simple way for supporters to raise money for your organisation. Meta explains that their “new fundraiser product is the first collective peer-to-peer fundraiser product built on Facebook”. It allows multiple individuals to collectively fundraise and connect through a Facebook Group set up for the challenge.

By signing up to collect donations directly on Facebook (and Instagram), your non-profit can access and use fundraising tools, see detailed fundraising analytics, and allow people to easily give to your organisation. Note though that your application to receive donations can take 2-3 weeks to be reviewed.

Page Fundraiser on Meta

How does it work?

Previously a third party would need to be used to set up fundraising challenge, but now charities can set a fundraising goal themselves and decide on an activity that supporters can engage in directly on Facebook. Perfect if you already have a strong Facebook following and use it as your main platform. Note also that:

  • Challenges are time-bound
  • Challenge participants can set up their own fundraising goals that can roll into the overall goal set by the charity.
  • You also need to set up a FB group and connect the Fundraiser Challenge to the group. This allows supports to engage with and inspire other participants.


Meta’s 5 steps to set up a Fundraiser Challenge on Facebook

  1. Plan your challenge
  2. Add it to the Fundraisers hub https://facebook.com/fundraisers/
  3. Create a new Facebook group & link challenge
  4. Create a welcome message with a pinned ‘Fundraiser Challenge card’
  5. Load up the group with supporters & content

Want to find out more?

Our GCVS training session on “Digital and Online Fundraising” includes advice on fundraising through Facebook. Keep an eye on our sector development sessions for more dates coming soon.

Visit Sector Development on Eventbrite


Helpful Links and Advice

Charity Digital offer good advice here – How to use Facebook Fundraising

The Fundraising Regulator also have a Code of Fundraising Practice: Chapter 10 highlights best practice to protect individuals online.
Digital | Fundraising Regulator

Read Meta’s full Fundraiser Challenges: Partner Playbook here

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