COVID Catch Up on Employability – An invitation from Ian Bruce

As part of our COVID Catchup series we will be holding an event on Employability on Friday 28 August at 10am.  We are organising this quickly because there is an opportunity for us to feed the sector’s thoughts into some key discussions that we are having with Glasgow City Council, the Department of Work and Pensions and others.

This event is an opportunity for third sector organisations to identify key challenges for the city around employment and employability. COVID has already caused a recession and associated (significant) job losses. The end of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (furlough) over the next couple of months will likely perpetuate this. UK Government figures suggest that across all of the UK, 1.5m jobs may be at risk after the end of the furlough scheme.  It would optimistic to assume that there will be a rapid recovery. Glasgow is a city with a large proportion of our people working in tourism, leisure, retail and hospitality – all industries that are likely to be affected.

This event isn’t just about the new COVID related problems. The city already had significant unemployment and underemployment. In addition we know that some people in our society were already further from the labour market. Changes now may push them even further from work.

What can we do? What else needs to change in the system? Come join us and share your views.

This event is open to any charity, community group or social enterprise with an interest in employability.  It’s open to politicians and others involved in shaping our post-covid future.

You can register for the event by clicking

If you can’t make the event (or even if you can), join the conversation on our Build Back Better network by clicking

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