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Cost of Living Crisis – Supporting Employees

Read this blog from the HR Advice Service team where we share ways you can support staff through the cost of living crisis when resources are limited.

Help with Costs

  • Reduce out-of-pocket costs by offering prompt reimbursement for expenses, giving cash advances for business-related purchases, or by purchasing travel and work-related items in bulk.
  • Encourage and assist staff in implementing cost-cutting practises including on-site coffee, tea, and biscuits, walking groups for recreation and fitness, and swap shops for clothing and household items.

Fair Pay

  • Make sure your salary and benefit policies are honest and open.
  • To determine where you stand in the market, periodically do benchmarking activities and review your pay policies. When making adjustments, be sure to consult and include the staff.
  • Inform staff of chances for advancement and how to take advantage of them. By offering opportunities for training and skill development, you can help staff advance horizontally when upward promotions are not available.

Flexible Working

  • Staff Members highly value having access to flexible working, which can lower costs for things like child care, food, and travel.
  • If possible, take into account letting individuals work from home, adjust their work schedules, or arrive at the destination off-peak.
  • Be specific about the types of flexibility that can be taken into account and how staff can access them. Creating a flexible working policy helps reassure staff and guarantee uniformity.

Money Management

  • Consider offering a counselling service or an Employee Assistance programme for staff
  • Signpost for extra help and advice – Citizens Advice Scotland provides online support to help ease the cost of daily living and suggestions how to make the most of your money

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