Examining the Cost of Living Crisis in Scotland

The cost of living crisis presents serious economic and social challenges for the country. We provide an overview of the most recent evidence emerging about the crisis in Scotland.


  • The Cost of Living Crisis in Scotland: Analytical Report
    Published on 2 Nov 2022, by the Scottish Government.
    In the report, findings from the Scottish Third Sector Tracker highlight ongoing challenges related to volunteering and the workforce that are being exacerbated by the economic crisis.


  • Cost of Living Report: Testing our Resilience
    Published on 27 Sept 2022, by Volunteer Scotland
    This report shares in more detail the impact that the cost of living crisis is having on volunteering and volunteers including areas where action can be taken.
    “There is a need to secure additional funding to meet the rising costs of volunteer expenses… We have also had to increase our recruitment for volunteers, especially volunteer drivers. This is due in part to the rising fuel costs for drivers impacting on their ability and willingness to travel across fairly large areas to deliver a service.”


  • Keeping The Doors Open: What do older people’s community groups need to recover from the impact of Covid-19?
    Published by Age Scotland, on 1 Nov 2022
    Age Scotland community member groups share their experiences during the coronavirus pandemic in this report. It also tackles the current challenges they are facing and highlights concerns over a shortage of volunteers.
    “Our group has been decimated over the pandemic period, not through the virus, but through the advanced age of group members. We are at present attempting to re-establish the group.”



  • A Torn Safety Net: How the cost of living crisis threatens its own last line of defense 
    Published by Theos, on 7 Nov 2022
    A UK report by the religion and society think tank who focus on the impact of the cost of living crisis amongst faith organisations. They draw particular attention to overstretched volunteer capacity and reduced financial donations.
    “The next year will see some faith institutions close their doors forever… because they cannot afford to keep the lights on.”


If you are conducting research on the cost of living crisis in Scotland that you would like to share, or if you would like to share your views on any of the reports featured here, please either comment below or via our social media channels @GlasgowCVS

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