Reviewing the Glasgow Communities Fund Process

Glasgow Communities Fund - Reviewing the Application Process

The Glasgow Communities Fund Application Process 2023-26 is reviewed in our blog.

Recently, we conducted a survey to find out how third sector organisations found applying to the Glasgow Communities Fund during its second phase. In doing so, we hope to continue supporting Glasgow City Council‘s grants process and take learnings for other grant fund programmes in the future.


Firstly a big thank you to all organisations that participated in the survey, we thought it was useful to share our findings with you.


What were the key highlights?


We are pleased to see that many organisations found the process to be straightforward. When asked to score the process out of 10, the average (median) was a score of 7 out of 10.  Some organisations did find the process more difficult to engage with.


As a comparison to the previous round of this fund, 72% said it was better than the 2019 application process, 5% said it was worse and 6% said it was about the same.  The remainder of participants were unable to comment as they were not involved in or could not remember the process last time.


We also asked participants for their comments. Some of these include:

  • Challenges around the technology, in particular the difficulty of being able to navigate the form without having to answer questions in turn.
  • Some questions expected quite detailed information, challenging to anticipate what will happen three years into the future in the current world. This also applied to the budget form that was asked for.
  • Application felt long to some participants, and some felt that questions / areas overlapped.
  • Some organisations felt that it would have been helpful if the application window had been open for longer.


GCVS also provided a range of support to organisations looking to apply to the fund.

95% of participants knew about the GCVS support available to them, and 62% of the total (65% of those who were aware) took advantage of the support provided.


What are the next steps?

We will share our findings with the team at Glasgow City Council and gather our own learnings for future processes.

We would also be interested in any further views you would like to share with us, either in the comments below, by email to or tweet us @GlasgowCVS.


If you are waiting to hear about your application, please note the following guidance:

Following approval of applications, it is our intention to confirm awards and to outline the practical and administrative arrangements, including performance monitoring, by January 2023. Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified by January 2023. We also intend to provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

Glasgow Communities Fund – Glasgow City Council

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