Commission on a Gender Equal Economy – A Caring Economy

The Commission on a Gender Equal Economy has launched its final report called ‘A Caring Economy: A Call To Action’.  As the Commission points out, this report couldn’t be more timely as we inhabit a time of anxiety and crisis which, thus far, has disproportionately affected women.

The report argues for 8 steps which the Commission believes are necessary to create a better economy which drives wellbeing, sustainability and gender equality. These are:

  1. Re-envision what we mean by ‘the economy’, so that the centrality of care
    to the economy is recognised;
  2. Invest in social and physical infrastructure, so that public services address
    diverse needs on an equal basis..;
  3. Transform the worlds of paid and unpaid work, to provide not just more
    jobs, but better jobs. These jobs would enable women and men to share paid
    and unpaid work equally;
  4. Invest in a caring social security system which is based on dignity and
    autonomy, and which helps to ensure people fulfil their capabilities and live a
    meaningful life..;
  5. Transform the tax systems across the UK, to make them more progressive
    and fair, and to generate more revenue to invest in social security and social and
    physical infrastructure;
  6. Refocus the overall fiscal and monetary policy framework on building
    a caring economy;
  7. Work to develop a trade system that is socially and environmentally
  8. Work to transform the international economic system, so that it is
    supportive of the creation of caring economies across the world.

There are specific recommendations which sit under each of these priorities.

The Commission argues strongly that we need a ‘realignment of priorities’ – we need to move away from the current economic model which has driven inequality; which doesn’t value people or unpaid care, and towards an approach which leads to a better quality of life for all and ‘good’ work.

You can access the full report here.

We will also be exploring these issues in more detail in a future ‘Our World Reimagined’ session on a Gender Equal Economy with Dr Angela O’Hagan on 22 October.  Sign up to this hour long, free event here.

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