Climate Week – Moving on together

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Get Ready for Climate Week

Starting a conversation is the start of your path to climate friendly action. This could be with family, friends, colleagues – just talking about it is useful and engages people to act. Net Zero Scotland is running their Climate Week on the 26th September – 2nd October to encourage those conversations.

Facing climate challenges together is better than standing alone. Climate action is far more effective and meaningful when we share reflections, ideas, knowledge, and most importantly the will to take that action. It also makes it more fun. ‘Words can change the world,’ as Net Zero Scotland say in their Climate Conversation Pack – with tips and resources on how to begin them.

At our GCVS workshop ‘How to create and use an environmental policy’, we underlined the importance of teaming up with others. If you have very few people in your organisation, you might benefit from connecting with other organisations and forming a green team together. We all face a challenging energy and climate reality and can learn from and support each other regardless of what our core services are.

You can sign up for our mailing list for updates on future workshops and ideas for action on our climate friendly practice website.

Community climate action in steps

Net Zero Scotland’s Climate Week can give you an overview of what your organisation can do. They offer a collection of resources and guidance for anyone interested in going towards a sustainable future. This is divided into 10 areas, and includes networking, adaptation, different energy contexts and more.

Energy saving in buildings is more relevant than ever, so we recommend you take a look at our article on how to reduce the energy needs and carbon emissions of your community building. This can get you started on that work, and shows you where you can obtain an energy audit and funds to act on it.


More Support

If some of your planned actions need funding, check out Grant Funding Opportunities for Environmental Causes for September. This resource is updated monthly and included on our Climate Friendly Practice web page.

Have you already done some of this work, and would like to let others know? We would be happy to share your story with our network. Please get in touch with our climate change coordinators Bob and Gazelle:

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