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What is it and why do we need it?

Technical terms about the environment are all around us. It’s not always clear what we can do or how crises can be solved. However, no matter how complex the climate topic seems, you can have a constructive, valuable, and productive conversation about it.

By exploring the subject in a space that welcomes thoughts and reflections in people’s own words, climate change and other related environmental matters become more tangible. By exploring together, we can gather more insights and ideas than we can as individuals.

We will host a ‘Climate for Change Conversation’ on June 27th, and you are invited.

Everyone can play a part

We are often presented with climate jargon. Terms like greenhouse gas, carbon footprint, net zero, ppm, mitigation, and adaptation come up frequently. Understanding what they mean or how they relate to you can be challenging. Additionally, environmental issues are also often interlinked making the situation feel overwhelming and out of our control.

We can navigate challenges and identify local actions when we gather together. We hope to welcome people not often engaged with climate issues – and show what we can all do. Every voice matters; the more diverse and broader the mix of people involved, the better.

As the UN’s article Communicating on Climate Change explains, “Everyone can play a part by raising their voice, sharing solutions, and advocating for change – shaped by different experiences, cultural contexts, and underlying values.

Supportive Communities

The charity Climate Outreach has provided an overview here of how people in Scotland currently view climate change and the policies and leadership surrounding it. They say, “People care about climate change and want to see government leadership. They do not want to be left alone to face and tackle climate change as individuals acting in isolation.”

It is easy to feel alone in tackling climate change, but climate conversations show that you are not alone. Connecting with the people around you is a good first step to start talking about the subject: colleagues, family, friends, and neighbours. A scheduled conversation at an event also works. In our ‘Climate for Change conversation’, a facilitator from Scottish Communities Climate Action Network will guide us through one. By discussing the challenges we face and the solutions to them, attendees will develop relevant, positive actions and co-create steps forward. The event is aimed at community groups working in Glasgow, and we will introduce how to carry out further conversations in your own community.

Sign up to the event here, or contact GCVS climate change coordinators Bob and Gazelle for more info:

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