Building the Pathfinder Project to Tackle Child Poverty

Child Poverty in Glasgow

In 2017, the Scottish Government announced ambitious targets to reduce relative child poverty in Scotland to less than 18% by 2023, and less than 10% by 2030.  At the same time, the Child Poverty (Scotland) Act placed a statutory duty on the Local Authority and the Health Board to document the significant change in actions undertaken in an annual Local Child Poverty Action Report (LCPAR).

In 2018, Scottish Government statistics for Glasgow stated that 34% (36,104) of our children were living in relative poverty.  Achieving both the interim and final targets set required Glasgow to lift 16,705 children out of relative poverty by 2023 and a further 8,622 by 2030.

The scale of the challenge is, and continues to be, significant. Based on the most recent analysis of Council internal data of 20,000 households by the Centre for Civic Innovation, an additional £120m in income per year would be required to lift all of these families out of poverty. Crucially, this is before the current cost of living crisis which will both deepen existing levels and push more of our children and families into poverty.

The Pathfinder

The ongoing impact of the pandemic, alongside the cost of living crisis, requires us to embrace new and radical approaches to make a real difference for families across our city. It was this shared recognition of the need for a fundamental shift in approach that brought city partners together to examine opportunities to secure whole system change earlier this year.  It is our shared commitment, to bring bold and decisive action that delivers better services and outcomes for the city, that has focused the intention to deliver a 16 month pathfinder which addresses the levels of child poverty in the city whilst informing whole system change.

This pathfinder needs to be bold to deliver on both our child poverty targets and the city’s ambitions for whole system change.  A bold vision requires bold investment to support operational, development and service activity.  This a whole partnership initiative and we have decided to resource a multi-agency change team, resourced from partners including HSCP, Council, Scottish Fire and Rescue, GCVS and third sector organisations.

Current Opportunities

As part of this project, an opportunity has been created for a Communications Officer, which may be a secondment from within the sector. Candidates should have excellent communication skills, and especially an understanding and experience of communications approaches which reach people who are less likely to access services. The Communications Officer will formally be seconded to GCVS but will form part of this multi-agency team.  It is anticipated that the secondment will have an initial duration of 12 months.

Find out more about this role here on our website and apply by email with your CV and a covering letter to 
The closing date is 9am Monday 1 August, 2022.


We look forward to sharing more about this pathfinder project.

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