Advice for organisations supporting, or intending to support, refugees

There has been a huge positive response shown by Scotland’s communities to the Refugee Crisis and Westminster’s commitment to provide protection to 20,00 refugees over a 5 year period. The Scottish Government has agreed to welcome a minimum of 2,000 people and has convened a National Task Force to coordinate responses.

They have created the  Scotland Welcomes Refugees  website, where people and communities can find out more about the crisis and more about what Scotland is doing to help. People can also make offers of practical support to refugees in Scotland here.

The Home Office is currently developing its response to meet the commitment. To date most resettlement models have been local authority led. Some have been delivered in partnership with the Third Sector. Many communities and the third sector are being approached to support and become involved in these responses. It is important that people – New Scots and old – and our communities are at the heart of this, in order to support longer term integration, inclusion and sustainability.

Models of support are still being discussed in the National Task Force and it is important that the Third Sector has an opportunity to have its voice heard and influence this. Scottish Refugee Council, the main voluntary sector agency in Scotland is involved in the main Task Force group and its subgroups (housing and integration), and is keen to support the Third Sector in its response and ensure that our communities’ voices are represented.

Scottish Refugee Council are happy to advise on how organisations can strategically influence the response and best practice in ensuring communities are supported to welcome refugees and to achieve longer-term positive outcomes that benefit everyone.

Any general queries or offers of support can be lodged on the website. If these are particularly relevant to local planning e.g. policy, communications, service delivery or community responses, from a Third Sector perspective, they can be raised with Scottish Refugee Council directly.

Please email: or call their switchboard and ask to speak to a member of staff. Telephone: 0141 248 9799

Please state what your query is regarding and ask to speak to a head of department.


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