5 Wellness Resources for Challenging Times

In a guest blog, Hilda Campbell, Chief Executive of COPE Scotland addresses the impact of the cost of living crisis on our mental health. She highlights 5 wellbeing resources that are available to all.


It can feel our wellbeing has been challenged from so many sources for a long time now. In addition to whatever we were dealing with before the pandemic, we now find ourselves facing a cost-of-living crisis. Financial security matters for our wellbeing. We need basic things like food, shelter, water, air to survive and when we feel that is threatened, we can become very anxious, understandably.

A challenge when we are told its bad and going to get worse is that we can begin to lose hope things will ever get better and as a result miss opportunities where even for a moment thing do not feel such a struggle.

We are not saying this is going to be easy, and we are certainly not saying we have all the answers. Finding solutions is something which we need to look for together with support from policy and law makers.

We have shared a variety of materials on our site which we hope offer even a small idea which helps reduce suffering in these uncertain times. They include:


  1. Managing the ‘what ifs’Resource >
    As our minds can be filled with anxious thoughts about what next, and the tips in this piece offer some ideas around how to keep those anxious thought under control. They are for self-management and self-care and do not replace professional advice
  2. Fingerholds to manage emotions – Resource >
    Sometimes it is natural to feel overwhelmed. The finger holds in this piece offer some self-care tips to help ground you in the moment
  3. Survival needs more than resilience – Resource >
    A ball which is flattened and bounces back is resilient, just as we are as we bounce back from an adversity. However, when its bounce after bounce after bounce we need something more. We need the stamina and endurance to keep going in the hope that there is a way through to calmer times. The poster and resource booklet in this piece offer ideas on keeping going against the odds
  4. Wellbeing and money – Resource >
    Our state of wellbeing is linked to our financial security. Worrying about having enough money to survive drains us of energy. This booklet does not have all the answers but may offer some ideas and links to supports which may be helpful during this cost of living. The Scottish Govt have also launched a one stop shop website for cost of living help: Accessing help for cost of living
  5. Winter wellbeing – Resource >
    Autumn and Winter can bring their own challenges, worrying about staying warm, the cost of Christmas, mood dipping as the clocks change. This booklet on winter wellbeing does not replace professional advice but may offer something of interest


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