The People & Safety Services Conference – Wellbeing Session

The GCVS People & Safety Services Conference this September is shaping up to be a packed 2 day event. We spoke with Wellbeing expert Zofia Zukowska who is leading a workshop both days to find out more:

Zofia Zukowska, Wellbeing Advisor, GCVS

Zofia has been working in GCVS as a Wellbeing Service Advisor for a little over a year. Her background is in Psychology and Health Promotion and she has experience supporting individuals and organisations with mental and physical health queries, as well as delivering training around mental wellbeing.

Zofia supports the physical and mental wellbeing of staff and volunteers of third sector organisations by delivering training sessions, establishing wellbeing initiatives, and providing advice.

Her workshop will focus on introducing wellbeing topics, such as physical health and stress awareness, to motivate physical and mental wellbeing in a fun and entertaining way.

She is taking part in this conference to spread awareness about the importance of wellbeing and how high levels of wellbeing can help us overcome difficulties and help us achieve our goals in life.


Ask the Experts Session

As well as her workshops, Zofia will be joining the team for their ‘Ask The Expert’ session where delegates can ask the People & Safety Services team any question about HR, Health & Safety, Recruitment or Wellbeing.

The team are confident in our knowledge to offer accurate advice and information however, we don’t know everything.

“If a delegate asks a question we can’t answer, we will give a £50 voucher for our services.”


People and Safety Services team

What do offer delegates at this event?

Throughout the planning and development of this event, there has been a clear goal for Zofia, Natasha (conference organiser) and the wider team. We will bring together experts and organisations from across Scotland to offer relevant and up-to-date information that’s tailored to the third sector. It will also be a key opportunity for people to reconnect in person, as well as making new connections in a relaxed but informative environment.

Read our blog from Conference organiser Natasha Gordon here >>

To book the GCVS People & Safety Services Conference, taking place on Wed 14 Sep and Thur 15 2022, visit Eventbrite.


You can find out more about the GCVS PSS team here on our website People & Safety Services


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