Data Protection Advice Session

£50.00 (+VAT)

Our Data Protection Consultant, Davina Purdie, has over 15 years experience working in Data Protection and Data Governance. A member of the Chartered Institute of Data Protection Consultants, she first entered the profession working for KPMG before joining the voluntary sector in 2015.

You can arrange an appointment with Davina using this page. Each appointment is 45 minutes long and will automatically be arranged to take place on Zoom – but if you prefer it can be done by MS Teams or telephone. After your appointment you’ll get a short summary of the conversation from Davina with key actions for you to take.

This service costs £50.00 + VAT per appointment.

Organisations that are subscribers to our Data Protection Advice Service can access these appointments free of charge. Please make sure you’re logged in before progressing and the cost will be waived. If you’d like to join the service please click here. If you go ahead with a paid appointment you’ll receive a voucher of £40 towards the cost of a subscription.

Organisations that operate in Glasgow are entitled to one free Data Protection Advice Session. If you need more time than that you’ll have the choice of a subscription or pay as you go. To get a code for your free session please email

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