Your Views: Psychiatrists in Scotland

VOX Scotland is currently working on a lived experience research project about the quality and continuity of care received from psychiatrists across Scotland.  We want to use people’s responses to try to identify any common issues, good practice and how experiences vary across geographical areas and communities. We plan to use this information to advocate for any changes needed and enhance areas of good practice.

We very much appreciate participants’ time, effort and contribution and would be grateful if members could share this questionnaire with relevant people/networks throughout Scotland who might want to take part.  This questionnaire is for adults (aged 18 or over) with experience of care under one or more psychiatrist in Scotland in the last five years. 

Please take part in the questionnaire by clicking on this link

Any issues with accessing the survey, please let us know   

The questionnaire will be open until Monday 5th August

Expires: 2024-08-05

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