NEW With Kids Webinar – nonverbal communication

Nonverbal communication from a neurodivergent viewpoint

Monday 27/02/23     4pm to 5:30pm

This webinar will reverse the shared understanding of social nonverbal communication and look at how neurodivergent children navigate a social world that does not understand them.

Reflection points

  • Using current neurological understanding of neurodivergent processing to understand and support nonverbal communication
  • Thinking about how to re-frame what we know about neurotypical communication.
  • Listening and responding to the nonverbal communication through facial expressions, body language, eye gaze and gestures.

My brain is bigger than yours- a story from a play therapist’s case book. – Kalvin is a 6 year old boy who will show us how it feels when your brain is bigger than everyone else’s but all it does is get you into trouble.


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