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POST TITLE:    Senior Support Worker – Housing Support and Care at Home Services
Salary:              £24,780.89
Contract:           Permanent
Hours:               38hours per week (based on rota for awake nights/evenings/weekends support)
Night Support:  Sleepovers as required (paid at £10.90 per hour)
Awake night if required (paid at night shift rate £11.50 per hour)
Location:           Mainstay Trust Ltd, 35 Dava Street, Glasgow, G51 2JA

Mainstay Trust Ltd supports adults of all ages with learning disabilities to lead active and healthy lives.  We have services across Glasgow including care home, housing support and community.

Main Responsibilities:

  • To ensure support workers within services managed and across the organisation have positive leadership and a clear understanding of what is expected of them within each of the services they come in contact with.
  • To provide a high quality support and supervision and personal development experience for all support staff managed by you.
  • To ensure that services you manage have appropriate support staff in place to provide a service at all times and to discuss with service managers for the services when you have difficulty in achieving this
  • To support staff to adhere to the following good practice when supporting individuals and to conduct themselves as role models in each of these areas of responsibility when directly supporting individuals:
  • To assist the people we support to be as independent as possible in all aspects of daily living in line with their personal support plan.
  • To empower the people we support to make informed decisions about their lives.
  • To support people to be active members of their local community and to encourage them as fully as possible to be good citizens, neighbors, friends and family members
  • To support people with all household tasks which have been identified in their personal support plan, for example cleaning their home and maintaining the safety of their home.
  • To support people to budget and plan for purchasing household goods and groceries, preparing shopping lists, meal planning and preparation with a focus on healthy eating options and sharing meals with them in line with their personal support plan.
  • To support people to manage their finances in accordance with Mainstay Trust Ltd guidelines.
  • To support people to manage their personal care and health needs, including being responsible for administering and recording oral and topical medication and attending relevant health appointments in line with their personal support plan.
  • To support people with eating/drinking, dressing/undressing, washing, bathing, toileting and continence care, where necessary using appropriate equipment for moving and handling or specialist feeding.
  • To support people with over- night support in line with their personal support plan.
  • To support people to go on holiday.
  • To offer emotional support to people when they are experiencing difficulties in their lives.


  • To promote a positive, settled and stable environment for support workers and the people we support.
  • To update team members, service managers, family members, health professionals, social workers as and when appropriate and in line with the persons personal support plan
  • Ensure paperwork is always reflective of all changes in support needs of the person supported and that there is supporting evidence that this information has been shared with all staff.
  • To prepare relevant paperwork and support staff to work in accordance with Keeping People Safe Guidance and general guidance notes for managing possible risks for the person supported and staff members working with the person, working with service managers of the service if there is an issue of non-compliance or a difficulty in adhering to the guidance to find solutions.
  • To have a non-judgemental attitude to people who may present with behavioural challenges and to work with team members and external agencies to ensure the person is supported consistently when displaying these behaviours, working with service managers of the service if there is an issue of non-compliance or a difficulty in adhering to the guidance for managing the challenges presented to find solutions.
  • To identify and use the most appropriate communication methods with the people we support whether this is verbal, in gesture, pictorial or objects of reference or a combination of these methods in line with the persons personal support plan, working with service managers of the service if there is an issue of non-compliance or a difficulty in adhering to the communication method chosen to find solutions.

Teamwork and Working Relationships:

  • To encourage, develop and maintain professional and caring relationships between staff and the people we support.
  • To proactively engage in positive and professional relationships with family members and professional colleagues.
  • To provide support where required by the housing support and care at home services accepting that changes to expected support provision may be required on occasion because of annual leave or sickness absence management requirements of the services provided, ensuring consistency of provision for the individuals supported by Mainstay Trust Ltd.
  • To identify staff to take on specific roles relevant to an individuals support (such as checking/collecting medication, ensuring accuracy of petty cash, preparing menu plans/shopping lists)
  • To organise support and supervision with all staff allocated on supervision lists once in each quarter of the year formally and informally as necessary should this be necessary to address practice.
  • To encourage all staff to work cooperatively as part of the team including attending and contributing to team meetings arranged.
  • To attend training in line with training protocols to ensure that core training skills required to undertake the role are regularly updated and refreshed.

Organisational Responsibilities:

  • You will adhere at all times to Mainstay Trust Ltd Policies and Procedures and the Codes of Conduct of your registering body the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC)
  • Where necessary you will liaise with relevant housing repairs departments to ensure all housing repairs are carried out timeously to ensure the safety of the person being supported and staff members.
  • You will maintain a safe working environment ensuring your own personal safety, the safety of team members and the safety of others, reporting to service managers for the service any concerns that you have about the safety of the working environment and confirming steps taken to reduce any potential hazards identified and agreeing how this is shared with all staff.
  • You will maintain the support information with support files for each person supported within your area of responsibility to ensure this is up to date and accurate and that all staff who come in contact with these individuals have a clear understanding of the support needs of each person supported
  • In services where medication is given by support staff you will check that the medication given to the person within the service has been recorded by all staff members and highlight to a Service Manager any issues of non-compliance on a weekly basis.
  • In services where petty cash is managed by support staff you will check weekly that monies held and spent are accurate to the record written and highlight to a Service Manager any issues of non-compliance.
  • In services where there is use of either a company, personally owned or mobility car you will ensure the vehicle is maintained to be safe to use and regularly checked for suitability of all users.
  • You will complete written details of the support provided, this may be a daily diary, handover sheet or other form of communication which records the days support such as bowel charts, sleep charts, medication sheets, petty cash sheets and any other forms held in relation to the individuals support and in compliance with their personal support plan.
  • You will use informal support and supervision to address any identified deviation from the persons personal support plan, guidance notes and keeping people safe guidance papers that come to your attention, reporting details to the service manager of the service confirming action taken.

Personal Development

  • You will hold or be working towards a relevant qualification for your role in line with the requirements of your registering body.
  • To ensure that you work in partnership with the service manager allocated your support and supervision to arrange and remain compliant with identified PDA for your role in line with your registering body requirements
  • To undertake all mandatory and additional training in compliance with the training protocols for the organisation.


  • To undertake On-call duties on a rota basis, adhering to the organisational guidelines for on-call support and to be contactable in the event of emergency support requirements by the on-call
  • To work on a shift pattern to include night supports, day shift or back shift as required by the service provided
  • To protect and ensure that a minimum of 8hours of administrative time is incorporated in every working week, to ensure compliance with all administrative, review and supervisory areas of the role.
  • The post holder is responsible for ensuring their individual registration requirements are valid and current to enable them to work in the social care sector.
  • To have a knowledge and understanding of the role of Senior Support worker as it links with The Keys to Life and The Health and Social Care Standards: My support, my life.
  • To undertake any other reasonable task as required by the organisation in line with the provision of services to individuals.

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