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Situated in the Southside of Glasgow, The Dixon Community has been delivering services in response to the changing needs of the local community since 1972. It provides person-centred, community based, preventative and support services for people aged over 55 so that they can continue to live in their own home and be integrated in their local community.

The area serviced by the Dixon Community houses diverse communities with the highest population of black and minority ethnic people in Glasgow, communities of asylum seekers from various nationalities and Roma immigrants.

As a long-established multicultural service, equality and inclusion are at the forefront of the charity’s mission and it believes in equality of opportunity for people aged over 55 and carers, whatever their background, circumstances, religion, race, colour, ethnic or national origin.

The charity provides a range of community projects and service such as Multicultural Day Care (day care for older people); Carers Centre (a supporting service for Carers and Young Carers); Connecting Communities (an activity centre providing a range of preventative activities).They also uphold their values by supporting service users with skilled multi-lingual staff who provide verbal and written information about support available in a range of community languages, and respect and respond to cultural diversity and needs. In addition to dedicated services for people aged 55 and over the charity has also managed South East Carers Centre providing support to carers since 1992. This service provides a range of preventative services to carers and young carers including; information and advice, emotional support, income maximisation, training and short breaks.

The charity is now developing a pathway for older people focusing on prevention and early intervention. This model will build on its highly cost-effective and successful support services by consolidating together its Connecting Communities Activity Centre, Day Opportunities and Multicultural Day Opportunities Projects as to provide a barrier-free multicultural service in an environment where people aged 55 and over from different cultures, with a range of health and social care needs can come together as one community.

This model aims to prevent social isolation and loneliness for people who have low support needs, disabilities and long-term conditions and has been proven to be effective in reducing the demands on NHS and Social Work by alleviating pressures surrounding acute hospital admissions and delayed discharges and reducing admissions to long term care.

In order to support this exciting development and continue to ensure equality of opportunity for people aged over 55 and carers, whatever their background, the board of trustees wish to recruit 5 new trustees with experience in the following areas: Accountancy, ICT, Marketing, Care or Policy. The new Trustees will use their experience and knowledge to oversee and set the long term strategic direction for the organisation; in support of the Business Plan and will be required to attend service user meetings quarterly or more frequently by invitation.

How To Apply

If you feel you have the skills required for this role and embrace the ambition and vision of this charity, then please contact our recruitment team today for further information.

Please email us at or call us on 01786 542 224 to register your interest in this role.

Closing Date: Monday 14th December

You are advised to get in touch well in advance of the closing date to give us time to consider your application and pre-interview the strongest applicants.

This search is being conducted exclusively for The Dixon Community by BTA (Bruce Tait Associates). Our leadership team has all worked in the voluntary sector and we use this experience to match organisations and individuals to create great appointments.

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