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Welcome from Virginia Radcliffe, CEO and Artistic Director, Licketyspit

Licketyspit – empowering children, nurturing families, finding home in schools and communities – arts early-interventions to transform lives!

Thank you for your interest in Licketyspit. I hope that this information will explain what we are looking for and spark your further interest and enthusiasm for our work. Our most recent Annual Report 2022/23 will give you a sense of the breadth of our work, as will our website

Licketyspit is a children’s theatre & play charity and the home of Storyplay Scotland. Since our formation in 2004, Licketyspit has ‘followed the child’ to create rich child-centred theatre and drama. This has led us to define the nature of our participatory-arts engagement as Storyplay.  Storyplay is facilitated by skilled actors with high level expertise at children’s rights engagement and improvisation who we call, actor-pedagogues. Storyplay uses relational engagement through imaginary play, with children and with families and teachers, in nurseries, schools, community, arts and cultural spaces and outdoors. This is high impact specialist early intervention that is changing lives, rooted in the essence of human engagement – play!

Licketyspit actor-pedagogues are confident that everyone without exception can, wants to and will play with us. This belief rooted deep experience and nuanced understanding, enables us to make it so – for everyone. Our work focuses on early years children and families who experience poverty, isolation and/or trauma.

We use a dynamic and fun repertoire of games, rhymes, songs, stories, dressing-up and imaginary play activities. The actor-pedagogues are highly attuned to the needs of every child and adult, quickly enabling and empowering them to relax and share their playful selves, safe in the knowledge they will always be seen, heard, included and valued.

This unique transformative approach is applied across a range of powerful interconnected projects. Licketyspit creates ‘Home’ wherever we are. We host children, families, teachers and carers in welcoming and relaxed sessions, where every participant has their needs met, and is enabled to leap into brilliant, joyous, satisfying and inclusive play. This is play that does more than ‘fire imaginations’. A Storyplay session is a unique and highly memorable positive expression of the shared creativity and humanity of every person participating in the play. Sessions include Reflective Drawing as a tool for sharing feelings and ideas. Many sessions include time to chat over a shared healthy meal.

Storyplay unlocks every participant, including those identified as habitually ‘anxious’, ‘shy’ or ‘behaviourally challenged’ who are supported to relax, play and become and share their truest selves. The key to Storyplay is Reciprocity. Our experience is that people are naturally kind, empathetic and perceptive towards others given the opportunity. Storyplay reminds participants of their shared, values. It embraces diversity and nurtures belonging.

Once a child lets go of habitual barriers and reveals their true selves to their peers and/or family/teachers/carers, the shared understanding of how wonderful they are, can never be lost. This is culture change.

Even just one session of Storyplay can create significant impact on each participant – in the way they feel about themselves and others, in how well they can think in the moment, take risks, be spontaneous, respond to others, in how successfully they can contribute and feel appreciated and a sense of belonging.

Licketyspit’s mission is to establish Storyplay as a rights-based tool in education, childcare and community practice.  We seek to expand our Board and attract new experience, imagination and expertise to help us to take this work forward.

Our Board of Directors is passionate about improving the lives of disadvantaged children and families. If you share this drive, we would love to hear from you! Licketyspit currently has two vacancies on its Board. We would welcome expressions of interest, particularly if you feel able to contribute to the development of our current priorities:

  • Championing children’s rights-based engagement through Storyplay.
  • Advocacy and strategic partnerships
  • Strategic development.
  • Fundraising and generating unrestricted income.

We are interested in attracting the following skills for our Board:

  • Experience/knowledge of education & teaching
  • Advocacy, influencing and marketing.
  • Strategic Development
  • Financial management
  • Diversification of income generation

Interested parties are invited to submit a letter of interest in joining the Licketyspit Board, highlighting any relevant skills and/or experience along with a CV to:

Virginia Radcliffe – Secretary, Board of Directors   

 E: | T: 07970 749138

Look forward to hearing from you!

Expires: 31/07/2024

More Information:

Contact: Interested parties are invited to submit a letter of interest in joining the Licketyspit Board, highlighting any relevant skills and/or experience along with a CV to: Virginia Radcliffe – Secretary, Board of Directors E: | T: 07970 749138

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