The “play” in play therapy – webinar Monday 28/02/22 4pm to 5:30pm

See, feel and experience the child’s perspective on nonverbal communication, emotional awareness, play and relationships.

With Kids present a new programme of online webinars that will develop observational skills and enhance playful interactions that can support children in their social and emotional development. Each comes with a CPD certificate.

These webinars are suitable for anyone who lives or works with children as well as those interested in training as a play therapist.

The play in play therapy

“Toys are children’s words and play is their language” Gary Landreth. This webinar looks at deconstructing a typical understanding of play.
The invisible baby – a story from a play therapist’s case book.

The story of Maddie opens the webinar. A powerful vignette exploring how a five year old with developmental delay can learn about playful interaction through movement, a slinky and a sand tray.

Play and playfulness cannot happen without early infant experience of intense interaction. This webinar will explore why play is a neurobiological construct essential for brain and physical development as well as social and emotional development.
Understanding how children use play and playfulness to communicate, connect and regulate.

What happens when adults do not teach play to children?
Exploring current constructs of play then deconstructing them from a play therapy perspective. The idea of play as a way of being rather than a doing activity.

Shared reflective space
An opportunity to bring your thoughts on the content of this webinar in a small group. Discuss how this presentation of play might be useful and could be used to enhance everyday playful interactions.

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