Overcoming Imposter Syndrome w/ Emma Collins

This in person workshop is led by Emma Collins who is an established arts and third sector consultant, producer, and ICF credentialled transformational coach. In it we will spend 3 hours exploring how we can overcome imposter syndrome and give ourselves the best chance of success.

Imposter syndrome is felt by nearly 75% of people at some point, many of them high achievers. It’s that nagging inner critic whispering: “What if I’m not good enough? What if I’m found out?”. In coaching people in the arts and third sector, Emma has found it is the most common internal barrier holding brilliant people back from achieving their potential or fully enjoying their success. It can manifest in different situations: e.g. public speaking, self-promotion, developing partnerships, managing staff if in an organisation, or pitching to a potential funder, supporter or customer. It undermines our confidence, causing us to question ourselves, retreat from exciting new opportunities or fall into the trap of procrastination.

This friendly, interactive workshop will look at what Imposter Syndrome actually is, how it affects us and, via supportive group and individual exercises, offer a range of practical tools from the world of transformational coaching to tackle it. The workshop will be relevant to arts practitioners and third sector staff at all levels.

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