New With Kids Webinar – The role of relationships in emotional regulation

Date: Friday 29th April Time: 1pm to 2:30pm – The role of relationships in emotional regulation
From a neurobiological viewpoint brains need other brains to regulate. Emotional regulation relies on an experience of a balanced early relationship supported by other relationships through nursery and school.

Key Learnings
How children develop an internal relationship map and use this to form other relationships
Exploring the concept of rupture, repair and repetition in relationship building,
Reflecting on the role of the external regulator when building relationships with children
Using playful interaction to pause and recognise what children may need when they are dysregulated.

Good Gary – Bad Gary – A story from a play therapist’s case book.

The story of Gary opens the webinar. A powerful vignette exploring the impact of inconsistent parenting on a 7 year old’s ability to develop stable peer relationships, actively participate in classroom learning and develop a core sense of self identity.

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